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"The other cast members are all excellent, in particular Stephanie Lynne Mason, who plays Hodel, Tevye's spunky daughter."

- Wall Street Journal

"Among the production's trio of young lovers, the clear standouts are Stephanie Lynne Mason and Daniel Kahn as Hodl, Tevye's second daughter, and Perchik, the young revolutionary...Mason gives an especially plaintive reading of the gorgeously melancholy "Far from the Home I Love," and the final image of her, seated stock still and ramrod straight, waiting for the train that will take her to Siberia and her imprisoned fiancé  is one of the production's most indelible visuals."

- Lighting and Sound America

"Other notable turns include the golden-voiced Stephanie Lynne Mason, as Hodl"

- The New Yorker

"The sizzle comes from Daniel Kahn as Pertshik and Stephanie Lynne Mason as Hodel…Mason is a joy to watch whenever she is on stage. Her voice is angelic, and she is pitch-perfect."

- The Algemeiner

"In her rendition of Far From the Home I love, Stephanie Lynne Mason, as Hodl, stirringly demonstrates that home is where the heart is, even if it’s in Siberia."

- Front Row Center

"The younger couples all are distinctively drawn and captivating in their own ways…Stephanie Lynne Mason's Hodl gives as good as she gets from Drew Seigla's revolutionary Kiev student Pertshik, their arguments blossoming into affection."

- The Hollywood Reporter

"Hodl is passionately played by Stephanie Lynne Mason...It’s an exciting and vibrant moment, pushed to greater heights by Hodl’s “Vayt Fun Mayn Liber Heym” (Far From the Home I Love),  which is achingly beautiful...Mason comes into the soul of Hodl at that moment"

- Times Square Chronicles

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF - Barrington Stage

"Hodel and Perchik are played by Stephanie Lynne Mason and Alexander Levin. They make a marvelous duo and their love duet, "Now I Have Everything" is almost as intensely moving as Mason's rendition of the song "Far From the Home I Love" which is almost guaranteed to have you in tears. These are two actors to watch."

- The Advocate Weekly/EDGE Boston

"There are more than a dozen identifiable characters on stage and they all deserve credit for the uniqueness of the roles they created. All five daughters are wonderful, but especially Rebecca Kuznick (Tzeitel), Stephanie Lynne Mason (Hodel) and Dawn Rother (Chava)."

- Berkshire Onstage

"Joanna Glushak as Golde, Tevye's wife, and Stephanie Lynn Mason as Hodel, Tevye's second-oldest daughter, stand out strongly among the supporting cast."

- Theatermania


"Stephanie Lynne Mason does make for a refreshingly headstrong Maria. Tall and sweetly gawky (except when she dances, which she does so beautifully), Iannarino turns what is often a dull though lovely voiced soprano role into a hotheaded woman to be reckoned with."

- Houston Press

"Stephanie Lynne Mason's glowing Maria likewise captures both the naive jubliance of first love and the later heartache of tragedy. With her sweet, fine soprano, she pairs adroitly with von Essen in Tonight and One Hand, One Heart and shines in her solos, the giddy I Feel Pretty and the impassioned I Have a Love."

- Houston Chronicle

"Stephanie Lynne Mason is glorious as Maria. She sings, acts and dances exceptionally well. She makes the play's final scene compelling due to her well-crafted intensity."

- Cool Cleveland

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